Q-1. What is ITagama™? is a business marketplace for the textile and apparel sectors. It carries out media & research activities, provides first-hand information on many elements of the textile, apparel, and fashion industries globally, and enables sourcing and marketing requirements.

Q-2. What will I get on

ITagama™ offers varied business services, which include-

  • B2B marketplace: Offering effective business solutions to small, medium, and large companies in the textile industry.
  • Knowledge Services: ITagama™ allows you to publish market intelligence reports, articles, blogs, and the latest news.
  • Recruitment Solutions: Creates the ideal job match by bringing together leading textile entrepreneurs and job seekers on one platform.
  • textile entrepreneurs and job seekers on one platform. Trade Fair & Events: ITagama™ ITagamaTM gives you information about significant textile events, trade fairs, and conferences happening across the world.
  • Audience: You may grow your audience by connecting with those working in the textile sector through ITagama™.
  • E-Contract: You can set up an electronic contract (E-Contract) between the parties (buyers and suppliers) using ITagamaTM.
  • Communication: With its dynamic messaging system, you can communicate with the users.

Q-3. How can I Register on ITagama™?

Please click on the link to complete your registration process-

Q-4. Is ITagama™ free for the user?

ITagama™ is completely free for users. To utilize our website, you are not required to pay any joining fees or other payments.

Q-5. How can I contact ITagama™?

You can contact us via email at if you have any questions concerning the service we offer.

Q-6. How can I delete my profile on ITagama™?

You can contact us at and let us know why you want your ITagama™ profile deleted.